Rahia Mashoodh - 5th year PhD

Rahia Mashoodh

Prior to joining the PhD program in the Psychology Department at Columbia University, I completed my Bachelors' (2005) and Masters' (2008) degrees in Neuroscience at Dalhousie University (Halifax, Nova Scotia) where I studied hormonal, developmental and environmental influences on sex differences in brain and behaviour.

Research Overview

I am interested in how social experiences acquired across the lifespan could be inherited by, and impose specific developmental trajectories, upon on future generations of offspring via their influences on pre- and postnatal environments. Further, I am interested in the adaptive significance of epigenetic changes and their implications for the evolution of behavioural traits.


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Contact information

Columbia University
Department of Psychology
406 Schermerhorn Hall
1190 Amsterdam Ave
New York
NY 10027

tel:212 854-2490

fax:212 854-3609

email: Rahia Mashoodh