Undergraduate & Graduate Courses

Professor Champagne currently teaches several courses through the Department of Psychology at Columbia University. These include:

The Developing Brain
A course on brain development across the life span with emphasis on the fetal and postnatal periods. Explores how the environment shapes brain development and hence adult patterns of behavior.

Neurobiology of Reproductive Behavior
This seminar course examines various aspects of reproduction, including mate choice, sexual behavior and parental care, across species and the neural mechanisms that regulate these behaviors and allow an organism to adapt to environmental change.

This seminar course explores the concept of inheritance and the mechanisms through which inheritance is mediated. This course focuses on the generational transmission of physiology and behavior with some discussion of the inheritance of culture and language.

Ethics, Genetics and the Brain
In this seminar course, the ethical, legal and societal implications of advances in genetics and neuroscience are considered.

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