Prof Frances A. Champagne

Prof Champagne

2011 - present - Associate Professor, Psychology, Columbia University

2006 - 2011 - Assistant Professor, Psychology, Columbia University

2004 - 2006 - Postdoctoral Fellowship, Animal Behavior, University of Cambridge (UK)

1999 - 2004 - Ph.D., Neuroscience, McGill University (Canada)

1996 - 1999 - M.Sc., Psychiatry, McGill University (Canada)

1991 - 1995 - B.A. (honors), Psychology, Queen's University (Canada)

Research Interests

Neurobiology of the parental brain - ellucidating the neural mechanisms of individual differences in maternal behavior and the effects of the environment on these neural circuits

Epigenetic effects of maternal behavior - study of the epigenetic variation that emmerges in response to varation in mother-infant interactions experienced during development

Prenatal programming of offspring development - the impact of prenatal exposure to stress, toxins, or nutritional variation on placental and offspring brain gene expression

Paternal-maternal interplay and offspring development - the impact of fathers on mothers and offspring and the epigenetic mechanisms through which this interplay occurs

Reversing the effects of early life adversity - interventions targetted at ameliorating the effects of adverse prenatal and postnatal experiences

Contact information

Columbia University
Department of Psychology
406 Schermerhorn Hall
1190 Amsterdam Ave
New York
NY 10027

tel:212 854-2589

fax:212 854-3609

email: Frances A Champagne